Personalized Insulation Services

External Wall Insulation

Ideal insulation system for solid block or concrete walls with no cavity, and can also be used in addition to cavity wall insulation to further improve the performance of your external walls.

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Internal Dry Lining

Internal wall insulation might be recommended for your home because it has solid or cavity block walls, and external insulation is either not possible (i.e. for some protected structures) or is not considered the best solution.

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Cavity Wall Insulation

If your home has a cavity wall a series of small holes are drilled in the wall, at regular intervals, on the outside. The insulation is then pumped into the cavity through these holes, and the holes are filled in so that they match the rest of the wall

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Attic Insulation

If you have an attic, a thick layer of insulating material will be rolled out over the ceiling below. The water tank and pipework will also need to be insulated, and a walkway and ventilation provided. It is also possible to insulate sloping ceilings or flat roofs where necessary.

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